The logo was designed by Satsuki Shibuya.

She is is an artist, poet, and spiritual thinker living in Los Angeles.

The message about “Prefer” was written when she designed the logo.


Thick Logo

Each moment, one step at a time. Stopping to take in the sights, smells, feelings, thoughts. A store catches our attention, we walk in. No rushing, just being. Details, new experiences, all being deciphered within the heart and mind. Catching our attention, we turn, study the detail, and make it become a part of our own subconscious. 

prefer thick

Thin Logo

The passing of time, conversations with people, the slow/fast movement of a new environment. The staccato in footsteps when we become excited about exploring, coupled with a flow we experience when becoming one with the land. Whispers we hear as we awaken to our innermost thoughts and feelings as we are whisked away by the stories of others.

prefer thin